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Secure Records Evacuation & Shredding

Don’t Let Your Documents Become a Liability — Shred it.
With Mitiget’s Secure Shredding services, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents. Onsite or offsite, one-time or recurring, our solutions are tailored to you.

Why Shred?

  • Shredding helps protect your reputation by protecting your important company
    information as well as your customers’ confidential information.
  • Shredding can reduce the costs of managing information that is no longer useful,
    pertinent or necessary to your business
  • Shredding can help ensure compliance with federal, state, industry and credit card
    regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal

An information breach could cost you millions. Protect your business. Mitiget has a range of services that include paper shredding and hard drive destruction to meet your daily or occasional needs to safely dispose of unwanted or outdated confidential information.

Just One Time
In addition to our recurring Offsite and Onsite Secure Shredding services, Mitiget offers a Special Projects Destruction Service for the periodic or one-time shredding of sensitive paper documents.

How It Works

Confidential Document Shredding on an As-Needed Basis

When is this one-time shredding service right for your organization? There are several different business scenarios or situations where we could help:

  • Destruction of paper documents to maintain compliance
  • Implementation of a new records management program or retention schedule
  • Completion of a tax audit or litigation matter
  • Facility relocations and consolidations
  • Cleaning out storerooms and file rooms to create extra space

We Treat Your Information as if it were Our Own

Mitiget provides Special Projects Destruction with the same level of security, consistency and reliability as our recurring services. We’ll take care of your information as if it were our own, save you the time and effort of destroying your sensitive information, and help free up valuable time for your employees.

Shredding To Go

Offsite Secure Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that need ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents. This cost-effective shredding service is secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly.

Convenient, cost-effective and transparent

By choosing Mitiget, you’re partnering with an information management company that follows destruction industry best practices. We handle all documents with a consistent Chain-of- Custody, resulting in a tightly controlled, documented process.

Mitiget’s Offsite Secure Shredding gives your business a number of key advantages and

  • Complete destruction of business documents and records
  • Reliable and consistent shredding service delivered by screened, well trained and highly
    motivated employees
  • Accountability with a documented Chain-of- Custody
  • Secure, environmentally friendly disposition of shredded paper

Unrecoverable and Recyclable

All collected material is processed in accordance with standard Mitiget workflow and destroyed to an unrecoverable state. After materials are thoroughly shredded, the paper is recycled. For all materials processed in accordance with our Secure Shredding workflow, we provide a certificate of destruction.

Shred On Location

Secure Onsite Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that require the immediate or witnessed destruction of confidential, copyrighted or royalty-based materials directly on premises. This cost-effective service is secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly.

Destroy sensitive materials before they leave your sight

Key features of our Onsite Secure Shredding service include:

  • Complete onsite destruction of paper documents
  • Service performed by trained specialists and equipment operators who have passed rigorous background checks
  • Mobile shredding vehicles outfitted with precision destruction equipment and
    comprehensive security controls
  • A documented Chain-of- Custody to establish accountability
  • Secure and environmentally friendly disposition of shredded materials

Unrecoverable and Recyclable

All collected material is processed in accordance with standard Mitiget workflow and destroyed to an unrecoverable state. For all documents we shred, we provide a certificate of destruction documenting the fact that your materials have been safely and completely destroyed. After materials are thoroughly shredded, the paper is recycled.

Why Choose Mitiget?

Our risk assessment engagement gives your organisation a roadmap for a risk-based approach to decision-making. This helps establish operation and security standards and informs purchasing decisions, but more importantly – it helps your organisation set the framework for following numerous compliance and industry best practices.

Engagements are scaled as needed for business needs, or for an entire enterprise, and can be specific to an infrastructure, application, device or data type.

Our Approach and Methodology

Mitiget incorporates an interactive approach such as Workshops, Interviews, Questionnaires, Meetings, Observations, etc. to documenting and assessing an organisation’s exposure to fraud, waste and unauthorised activities. We utilise two different methodologies: Industry-Specific Risks and Enterprise-Wide Risks, which ensures that Mitiget will tailor the risk assessment to your organisation’s needs.

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