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Records Governance – End to End Records Management Governance and Retention Policy


An effective governance ensures you have full control of your records

Governance makes the difference in every records management project and practice. Mitiget’s team always focus on identifying and reviewing risks and recommend controls for your records management project in order to put in place suitable framework for a sustained secure storage, protection and preservation of your most critical information asset. Their attention is also given to developing custom document handling policies and procedures; retention, privacy and compliance policies and risk management requirements.

The team works with you to review, improve or accelerate all the control aspects of your project while catering for:

  • Program development and enhancement for the specific records management project;
  • Inventory management;
  • Records classification;
  • Metadata application;
  • security and surveillance for the records;
  • Access controls;
  • Change management and sustainability plan.

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Products to Support Your Records Management Project


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