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Privacy Management


Due to the sheer magnitude of personal information being collected, many organizations struggle with implementing governance and technical controls to ensure the privacy of its consumers, employees and business associates. Using internationally recognised privacy and information governance principles, Mitiget assists organisations in the private and public sectors develop, deploy and maintain legally defensible, cost-effective privacy programs.

Our team also helps organizations enhance their business value by embedding information governance into core business processes. Using a comprehensive approach, we assist organizations understand and classify the sensitive data in their environment and map appropriate controls to help protect the confidentiality and integrity of this data both inside and outside their organization.

Mitiget provides privacy services for every step of the Privacy Operational Life Cycle. We help organizations start a privacy program from scratch or accelerate the maturity of their existing privacy program. Our services include the following:

Privacy Assessments, Assurance & Strategy

  • Data Flow Maps & Data Classification
  • Gap Analysis & Risk Assessments
  • Analysis of current privacy policies & procedures
  • Remediation Plans
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Development of organization-wide privacy framework, policies and procedures.
  • Legal & regulatory compliance review
  • Vendor Assessments & Management
  • Privacy by Design

Privacy Protection

  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data-centric Information Security


  • Design privacy training programs
  • On-site employee training
  • Annual Audits


  • Data Breach Readiness Assessments
  • Incident Response Policies and Procedures
  • Data Breach Root-cause Investigations

Why Choose Mitiget?

Our assessment engagements give inculcate in organisations the culture of applying risk-based decision-making in the business. This helps establish efficient operation and functional security program. More importantly, they help set the framework for compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

These engagements are scaled as needed for business solutions specific to an infrastructure, application, device, data type or even the enterprise.

Our Approach and Methodology

Mitiget incorporates an interactive approach to documenting and assessing an organisation’s exposure to fraud, waste and unauthorised activities. Part of the tools in use are workshops, interviews, questionnaires, meetings, observations, etc. We utilise two different methodologies: industry-specific and enterprise-wide, which ensure that Mitiget tailors the assessments to specific organisation’s needs.

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