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PCI DSS Implementation

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Protect your business and customers against payment card theft and fraud. Benchmark your processes with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Any organization that processes, stores or transmits payment card data is required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This standard is very broad covering network testing and architecture, internal policies and procedures, cardholder data access and software development The requirements apply even if cardholder data is never stored. Compliance requires constant diligence and regular validation of  controls to maintain the security of cardholder data. Validation by  internal or external assessors is always required. Non-compliance can have a major impact on your organization, including fines and legal exposure and a loss of brand trust with your customers.

Mitiget offers a variety of services to help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance. This includes PCI gap assessments, annual AOC and SAQ assistance, along with cyber security program development and design for PCI organizations.

Does PCI DSS compliance apply to you? If your organization stores, processes, or transmits payment card data, then you must comply with this complex body of regulations. The PCI DSS is challenging to meet on your own. But you will become PCI compliant within our simple four-phase consulting engagement:

Scope Assessment We will evaluate your environment, discover hidden payment card data, and create a clear picture of the people, processes, and technology systems you need to secure to achieve PCI DSS compliance.
Gap Assessment We will tell you where you are currently in violation of PCI DSS, and outline a clear game-plan to get you out of trouble as quickly as possible.

Implementation Made Easy


We will run our plan to get you PCI compliant within the set time, assigning or providing the technical and non-technical resources you require to close your gaps. We will also provide hands-on project management driven by transparent reporting on your progress towards compliance.




Finally, we will guide you through the PCI DSS certification process. We will first perform a pre-audit to ensure you have achieved and maintained full compliance. Then, we will engage a qualified QSA to perform the official audit of your environment, verify your compliance, and provide all documentation proving you meet all standards within the PCI DSS regulation.



Here are our expertise and implementation strategy which is based on a phased approach:


We provide training for the implementation and audit of the system as well as overall awareness to your people. The training is provided by expert consultants with multi-disciplinary skill and capacity.


We follow a well documented approach for your certification process. We also adopt our professionally developed templates applicable for your context in all our dealings all through the process.

24/7 Support

We are available to support you 24/7, even post certification. Our GDPR professionals will be handy to assist in continually improving your compliance posture.

Guaranteed Certification

With Mitiget it is Certification Guaranteed. No Certification, No Fees !

Step 1: Engage us with your need.
Get a free GAP analysis of your company done and receive a quote.


Step 2: Accept quote and initiate the process.
Once the quote is accepted we will initiate the implementation process as per the guidelines.


Step 3: Get trained and implement the guidelines.
We will provide the required training courses and documentation support to fulfill the GDPR certification requirement.


Step 4: Get audited by certification body!
Take the final external audit in our presence and accomplish it successfully.


Step 5: Receive Certificate and Make Payment !
Receive the final hard copy of the certificate from the certification body!



Focus Around Every GRC Project Milestone

Governance, Oversight and Leadership (at the board level)

Improve board effectiveness; set the right tone and make effective decisions; Assess and implement ethics programs, training, change management, anti-fraud programs and monitoring/reporting.

Enterprise Risk Management and Control System

Creating and protecting value from strategic risks; Design, implement and maintain a common risk infrastructure by leveraging people, process and technology transformation opportunities; Establish organization-wide consistency while simultaneously addressing different and unique functional needs; Identify, measure, manage, monitor, review and report on risks; Integrate activities to effectively manage risk and compliance-related activities.

Corporate Compliance & Regulatory

Compliance program design and control testing; Compliance monitoring, assessment, and effectiveness; Regulatory consulting.