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Document Archives – Archive Design and Setup, Paper Storage and Paper Destruction


Think of Mitiget when you need to organize, store and secure your paper documents.

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 Records handling for critical paper documents requires efficient organization and a thought-out methodology, supported by adequate resources. Mitiget helps you design and setup your document archive room or facility with adequate and effective physical security system. We also develop and implement your physical document management and archiving processes – one-time, periodic or on-going basis.

  • Are your documents disorganized and insecure and exposed to damages or loss? Mitiget will help!
  • If you are considering cleaning out records and other assets currently held onsite so you can regain work-space, think of Mitiget.
  • If you are planning to manage a variety of information assets such as media, microform, pathology slides and blocks, x-rays, IT assets and equipment, think of Mitiget.
  • Do you wish to conduct an inventory audit for discovery or to purge, retrieve or relocate records? Think of Mitiget.
  • If you plan to move your file room offsite or clean and restore information assets damaged by disaster or environmental contaminants. Think of Mitiget.

Be it a private or public sector organization, small or large corporation, our project team is ready to help.  Our approach is as follows:


Evacuation and Shredding Service

Mitiget’s on-site and off-site shredding process reduces your security risk by ensuring all confidential materials are destroyed on your premises, or at another location far from your site our skilled security team dedicated for this task. We end each shredding project by providing an auditable Certificate of Destruction  and end the chain-of-custody right on-site with you.

At your mandate and approval, out specialist team will collect and evacuate your confidential information into a lockable mobile security bin or a designated space for the task and transport to the shredding station with effective surveillance system. During the entire process, your material is directly handled by our team who shred the material batch by batch. Your material is destroyed into small cross cut pieces, which are mixed with other shredded material that cannot be reconstructed.

How It Works

Mitiget Shredding Service Instead of  Office Shredding
Smaller businesses believe that purchasing a paper shredder to use in the office is sufficient to guarantee document security in their business. Unfortunately, this is not often the case, as employees are either too busy or unwilling to stand over the paper shredder and spend the time to shred all the confidential paper that management may desire to be shredded. This lack of willingness or time often leads to paper remaining unshredded or discarded into the trash, ultimately reducing the security of your organization’s confidential documents.

Contrary to on site shredding, in-house shredding uses valuable employee time, stealing focus away from core business activities. Leaving “to shred or not to shred” decisions up to staff creates higher potential for employee error or breaches of confidentiality, and does not provide any independent certification that sensitive information has been professionally destroyed. Office shredders are messy, require maintenance, have limited capacity and require organizations to complete an extra step by putting the shredded material in the trash. That’s why smart businesses use a professional document destruction service to effectively eliminate this problem. Mitiget’s secure paper shredding services destroy the documents to the highest level of security necessary. It is a very convenient process and you can even watch your documents being destroyed.


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Our Physical Archive Scope

Secure Archive, Total Control of Documents, Best Practices

Document Collection - on or off site

  1. Transfer and handling: We plan and reconcile logistical and human resources needs of your records management project;
  2. Prep and Sorting: We take inventory and packing records into containers;
  3. Classification: We apply classifications according to the defined classification matrix that is, packing into containers adapted to your records, Unique bar code allocation for each record, etc.
  4. Data capture: we also are involved with Processing the inventory, integration into our database, and enabling online access to the inventory.

Document Archival Management

  1. Access and administrative processing: For on-site archives, Mitiget deploys an archive management software – ArchiePro® – for the seamless retrieval and movement of documents in, around and outside the archive. For the off-site option, there is a Web-interface enabling you to manage your records, apply personalized access levels for your employee.
  2. Communication: We could also manage the onsite archive on behalf of the client. We provide prompt transmission that is adapted to your requirements and workflows.
  3. Physical or digital document delivery: For off-site option, we deliver both physical or digital document timely at On-line requests via our website.

Secure Document Storage - On or Off Site

  1. Method of storage: Apart from off-site storage, you have the Option to install a records storage facility on your own premises. We set up and manage metal racks for records storage with guaranteed security.
  2. Fire and Security Control: We establish intrusion detection and fire protection systems. We regularly fumigate records archive and carry out other treatment.
  3. Confidentiality Control: We establish effective confidentiality control by applying anonymity of clients’ records and access-controlled operation system.

Confidential Records Destruction

The destruction of the records concerns documents whose legal period of preservation has expired or confidential records that need to be shredded. There following are the option for destruction:


Grinding or compacting


Which implies authorization for destruction by authorized persons and eventual delivery of certificate of destruction.

Products to Support Your Records Management Project


Scanner - Flatbed, Production, Handheld and Sheetfed

Do you need scanner for office or academic use, bulk scanning, research or travel? In collaboration with our partners, we supply, install and support Automatic Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanners, Multiple Page Scanning scanners with OCR capability. Contact us for yours today


Shredder - Office/Heavy Duty Paper, Industrial and Data Destruction Shredders

Do you need paper or industrial shredders, that are durable and simple to operate made for use by office/factory workers, rough and tough, yet silent and loaded with latest features? We supply high quality, innovative shredding and document destruction equipment. Contact us for your need.


Bar-code Label Printer - Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Printing

Looking for a bar-code printer? Whether you’re printing asset labels, records folder or archive boxes, shipping labels or wristbands. With a large selection of Desktop, Industrial and Mobile printers, we have the bar-code printer you need, regardless of the size or environment.

Archive Boxes - For Document Storage and Archive Storage

Our boxes are manufactured from strong, single fluted high-performance papers. They provide maximum strength and durability with their reinforced construction and are perfectly suited for heavy files and documents. 

Fireproof File Cabinets & Storage Safes - Dial Lock and Keys

Protect those items that mean most to you with an attractive and functional Fire Rated Cabinets including 1- and 2-hour fire rated files, lateral files, vertical files, card-check-note files and accessories, international series files, and file lock options.


Get a quality mobile storage systems like Compactor Storage Systems, High Rise Mobile Shelving system, Office File Mobile Racks Storage, Movable Racks Record Storage System, Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving Systems & Hand Pull-Push Compactors to help improve your space efficiency and security.

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