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Our Values and Principles

Core Values: i-Shape


We think out of the box and create simple solutions for complex challenges. 



We bring expertise that enables preventive and detective strategy in the protection of information asset.


Our perspective to solving problems is not siloed but enterprise-wide focusing on the objective, and stakeholders’ value.


We are flexible in meeting our client needs especially in scope, time and budget.      


We bring our know-how, along with experience and efficiency to every task.         


We deliver superior value with distinction, supremacy, all the time, ethically.               

We believe in partnering with our clients, not just doing business with them. Our culture thrives on innovating new ways to solve their biggest challenges.

Our people and leadership are seasoned with the ability to deliver value to our teeming customers thereby increasing sales anticipate common pitfalls and establish the culture of ethics, reliance, and professionalism.
We possess diversity and a good mixture of age and mileage in delivering the required assurance services in IT, security, risk management and compliance to our valued customers.
We are adept at evolving and constantly innovating. We established a repeatable and scalable go-to-market methodology for all our innovations, which more effectively establish and consistently meets business goals.