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Network Security

Network Security for your network Perimeters is essential. Mitiget helps you to manage and secure IT Infrastructure environment through reliable network security audit that match your business requirements.

The number and types of attacks faced by organizations today is very high. This number only promises to increase with the acceleration in the use of new trends and innovations. Dispersed geographic operations make this worse. It is therefore essential that government organizations, and enterprises of all sizes maintain secure networks.

The Network Security Service at Mitiget will help you understand and cope with the technology, guide you in having the right products and improvements, and most importantly, identify the threats that the organization’s network is currently facing.

The Mitiget service is scaled to:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Network Architecture Review
  • Wireless Network Security Review
  • Firewall Ruleset Review
  • Host/OS Configuration Security Review
  • VPN Security Reviews
  • Active Directory Security Review


Our Seal on Every Nework Security Program Implemented

Every security device requires continuous testing to ensure that the devices are effective, accurate, and productive, while simultaneously maintaining acceptable performance.

Mitiget specialised team is always striving to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in the field of network security. This knowledge is continuously applied in the advancement of the network testing approach used at Mitiget.

We aim at providing you with the best service and are committed to achieve this aim. We provide the client with a detailed knowledge about their current network infrastructure along with consultation about the strategies for mitigation and attempts at remediation.

Why Choose Mitiget?

Our assessment engagements give inculcate in organisations the culture of applying risk-based decision-making in the business. This helps establish efficient operation and functional security program. More importantly, they help set the framework for compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

These engagements are scaled as needed for business solutions specific to an infrastructure, application, device, data type or even the enterprise.

Our Approach and Methodology

Mitiget incorporates an interactive approach to documenting and assessing an organisation’s exposure to fraud, waste and unauthorised activities. Part of the tools in use are workshops, interviews, questionnaires, meetings, observations, etc. We utilise two different methodologies: industry-specific and enterprise-wide, which ensure that Mitiget tailors the assessments to specific organisation’s needs.

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