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Network, Wireless and Firewall Reviews

Protection Starts With Your People

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Have control of your Network through its defense, perimeter protection, monitoring, policy development and implementation, and intrusion detection.

It is a common news these days that data breaches are more common than ever before; often costing tens of thousands of dollars due to lost productivity, decreased customer confidence, and reputational damage. Mitiget is here to give you peace of mind. Stop worrying and focus on your core business!


Network security is essential and critical in protecting your valuable data but without the proper infrastructure in place, you’re leaving your business vulnerable to attacks including: spam, phishing, viruses, malicious hackers and malware. Obviously, you simply can’t afford for your network to go down and too many businesses have been and are being crippled by these disasters that they simply aren’t prepared for.

Our Network Services will Support Your Organization and Secure Your Asset from Cyber-Threats.

You can rely on us on these areas:

Network Architecture Review

Mitiget offers a comprehensive assessment of network architecture including the wireless extensions and access points. We evaluate the security of internet and intranet connections. The objective of all these is to design and implement a secure network architecture for the protection of information asset.

Whether we’re designing a network from the ground up or expanding an existing network, we bring an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge to network design and network architecture. As one of the nation’s most widely certified IT services firms, Mitiget delivers vendor-agnostic network design and architecture to enterprises to bring about more effective and more secure IT environment – and the right choice for enterprises in which network failure and poor performance aren’t an option.

We use industry best practices for network design to assess, plan, and implement your network architecture which supports your business today and into the future. We strategically build networks using best-of-breed tools that are scalable, flexible, and reliable to hold up to:

• Business growth or downsizing;
• An expanding and/or distributed user base;
• IT network security and compliance requirements;
• New technologies such as mobile devices, virtualization, and cloud computing.

Firewall Review

We also carry out detailed firewall review – analysis and test of a firewall configuration that has been in place to protect your information, applications, systems and overall business operations. During a firewall ruleset review, our specialists perform a line-by-line analysis of the existing configuration, and examine vulnerabilities associated with a specific vendor’s solution with the aim of implementing firewalls and other protective measures that are customized to meet your needs.

Wireless Network Assessment and Security

Wireless vulnerability testing is important to any organization concerned about their network security. It should be thought of as an extension to an organization’s overall network security and part of any infrastructure penetration test or vulnerability testing exercise. Our team has built up strong experience in testing wireless security over the years by understanding how various wireless networks are architected and implemented.

This is done by either using the wireless security standards or leveraging wireless security mechanisms, provided by reputable vendors to mitigate risk. We undertake wireless security sweeps throughout the testing process. In addition, we can work from both external and internal points of a company and have the latest tools to facilitate our expertise.

Network Monitoring 24/7

We can also help monitor your network, device inventories and wireless access points, and provide up-to-date visibility into the overall security health of individual devices and the network as a whole. With Mitiget offering network security services, you have the assurance knowing we give you the most comprehensive and reliable protection. Mitiget offers 24/7 system and network monitoring – real time monitoring to discover and eliminate threats before they impact your company.

Managed Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

We also help you manage your end-point security – that is updating antivirus and anti-malware solutions on a regular basis proactively protecting your company data against and eliminating new threats while keeping your systems up-to-date.

Web-content and Spam filtering – preventing employees from visiting dangerous, malicious or inappropriate websites. We also help you block suspicious emails containing viruses or malware and automatically quarantine them.

Mobile Device Protection

Our specialists in mobile device protection ensure you can access business data on smartphones and tablets without fear of compromising security. To support this practice, we engage organizations in educating employees on the safest mobile device and computer practices to avoid any accidental data breaches.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best with Mitiget. We are committed to protecting everything you’ve worked for. Network security strategically mapped out to fit your needs and keep your valuable data safe.

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

Get Trained, Get Certified! Get Ahead with Your Security Career.

Information Security Awareness

Cyber-security Training Courses

Secure Records Management Training Courses

IT and Service Management Training Courses

Risk Management Training Courses

Get Compliance, Get ISO Certified

Achieve your ISO certification in a seamless, timely and affordable manner. We make it easier and stress free for you. Certification guaranteed in your time frame. 100% Trusted Services - Control Implementation, Training, Documentation, Audit, Certification.

ISO 27001 Certification

We work with organizations to identify areas of improvement and meet ISO 27001 standards and requirements for information security management systems (ISMS), providing gap analysis and guidance on improving their overall cyber security controls.

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ISO 22301 Certification

We work with organizations to identify areas of improvement and meet ISO 22301 standards and requirements for Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), providing business impact analysis and guidance on improving their overall business resilience.

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PCI DSS Compliance

We offer a variety of services to help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance. This includes PCI gap assessments, annual AOC (Attestation of Compliance) and Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) assistance, along with cyber security program development and design for PCI organizations.

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GDPR Certification

We help you to be GDPR compliant. This makes you demonstrate accountability for how you store, maintain and protect both your client’s and employee’s data. We help you develop policies, embed new processes, educate staff and ensure the right security and encryption is applied to all your devices.

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