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IT Project Management Consultancy

We Set Up

We design and setup your IT infrastructure with security consciousness.

We Supply

We source and supply IT services – quality hardware, software, components – that enable businesses and support strategy.

We Install

 We meticulously install the IT resources required to drive your processes.

We Support

We support the installed infrastructure to provide optimal availability.

Our project planning and management services make your company’s IT projects easy and with Budget.

Complexities in projects, lack of specialist expertise, budgetary constraints, flexibility, and agility are a few challenges in the increasingly difficult area of Project Management Services. Along with the average issues that can lead to project failure, things that can adversely affect the effectiveness of an IT project also include leaps in technology in the middle of your project’s execution, shifting infrastructure that complicate security and handling data along with unknown or unexpected relationships between software, hardware, network infrastructure, and data. IT projects can fall victim to launch issue or first-use penalty that can represent the total risk an organization takes on when initiating a new form of technology for the very first time.

Mitiget’s team of experienced experts offer end-to-end IT project services. We can execute and manage projects simultaneously. Our IT project management involves overseeing projects for application development, software deployment or updates, computer system upgrades, cloud computing and virtualization debuts, hardware installations, implementing IT services, network implementation or upgrades, email service migrations, and more. From the moment you get in touch with us to discuss your IT project management needs, we’ll be listening. We’ll make sure we understand just how your business works and what you’re looking to achieve from your IT project.

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Our Methodology for IT Project Management
4 Great Reasons To Let Us Complete Your Next IT Project

Eliminate the risk of a failed IT project and ensure your get maximum value from your IT Investment by choosing us to successfully deliver your next IT Project on-time and within budget.


Our IT Project Management experts have over 30 years’ collective experience of successfully delivering IT Projects of all types and sizes on-time and within budget.


A Professional IT Consultant will ensure you invest in the correct IT solutions to deliver your business strategy and achieve your business goals.


We will take full ownership of the IT project life-cycle so you can concentrate on your business operations. We provide a fully Managed project planning, design and deployment service and we will keep you updated at every stage of the IT Project life-cycle.


We can also provide you with the latest Server technology and a range of industry-leading Cloud Services at preferential rates. Using our global network, source any technology solution requirement to complete your project.

Our IT Services Offer You

Employee Productivity

By allowing Mitiget to handle your essential IT support functions, your employees are free to focus on their core tasks, with the IT upkeep necessary to continuously improve efficiency and reduce IT-related downtime.

System Performance

Your IT systems are your strongest assets in maintaining business efficiency. Our IT services are customized and scalable to meet your unique company needs, working to optimize and sustain a healthy IT network.

Infrastructure ROI

It takes a lot of investment to maintain an effective IT infrastructure. Mitiget solutions make your enterprise IT a top priority, providing significant value toward keeping your IT functions strong and your business successful.


  • Mitiget is your trusted Microsoft Office 365 Implementation.
  • Your trusted partner for office 365 Migration.
  • Your reliable SharePoint Support Services Expert;
  • Your trusted Microsoft partner;
  • Your preferred professional to hand-hold you, end-to-end the implementation and on-going support;
  • Your experienced change management expert – helping so you can easily start reaping the benefits of Microsoft Office 365.


  • Manage your documents and documents processing with Microsoft SharePoint on Clouds.
  • Easily maintain your records of things.
  • Automate your system for tasks.
  • Customize your reports as per your requirements.
  • Let your people chat and communicate seamlessly for productivity.
  • Use the web capability to manage your business content.
  • Create a platform for your people to post articles of your business and reply.

Penetration Testing

Security doesn’t need more tools. It needs new rules. Fighting new threats with more tools just adds complexity. It’s time to rethink your approach to cybersecurity. Identify network vulnerabilities and validate security defenses with our independent expertise and visibility. Enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your pen-test need.

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