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IT Outsourcing

In competitive environment, regulatory requirements are top priority status with customer satisfaction. Through our expertise in offering IT outsourcing solutions, we help organizations achieve operational efficiency while allowing them to focus on core business activities such as increasing assets under management, managing wealth, ensuring regulatory compliance and expanding customer relationships.

Any forward-looking organization will increasingly harness new technologies to provide superior customer experience and streamline internal processes. Mitiget offers end-to- end IT services to companies to enable their strategy.

Our IT outsourcing services help you to leverage our experience, functional training and market knowledge to deliver services such as Application management, Managed IT, EAI, Legacy systems management and Packaged application implementation.

Application Management Services;

Enterprise applications that help organizations conduct their business are the very lifeline of any firm. However, these applications demand support and enhancements on an ongoing basis. Application management not only means enhancement and maintenance of the existing systems in your organization but in many cases, it also includes day-to- day operations of existing systems or newly developed. We at Mitiget, excel at improving the processing times and gaining efficiency both technically and operationally. We ensure a risk based approach to outsourcing along with the benefits of proper documentation and application improvement plans along with corrective maintenance.

Our application management offerings are geared towards providing cost-effective and reliable support for your enterprise applications.

Managed IT Services;

Our managed IT services enable enterprises to focus on their core competencies, lowering the cost of managing IT infrastructure through improved productivity and operational efficiencies. It is a powerful combination that gives the client the most advanced IT capabilities while freeing up resources for more strategic endeavours within the organization. We offer the following Managed IT Services:

  • Datacenter Management Services
  • Remote Management Services
  • Managed Security Services
  •  Managed Hosting Services
  • End-user Computing Services: Ensure all IT infrastructure devices are available to your front-office middle office and back office staff all the time for:
    • Better control and efficiency
    • Gain Insights into application performance and end user experience
    • Speedy transition and reduce dependency on manpower through automation

We provide an effective combination of people, processes and tools to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up and running.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI);

Enterprise Application Integration uses technologies and Web services standards to connect and streamline business processes, systems, and information, and creates a strong information foundation that can help move organizations toward higher performance. The various EAI services we provide are:

  • Evaluate tools and build the strategy for EAI integration
  • Provide scope study, ROI evaluation, risk evaluation and EAI tool productivity analysis
  • Conduct requirement analysis
  • Estimate costs and resource requirements
  • Architect and design an EAI solution
  • Implement the end-to- end EAI solution
  • Provide post-implementation support and service

The Benefits of our EAI offering:

Packaged Application Implementation;

Though projects may focus on different potential issues with an application implementation, there is uniformity in the requirement for the implementation to address the total needs of a business organization. For attaining the maximum ROI, there is a dire need to control the cost and the time that it takes to begin using the implemented applications. This is most true for organizations in the capital markets as time is money for them.

Mitiget provides Packaged Application Implementation services for organizations, with upgrades and customization services. We provide the skills, expertise, processes, tools and methodologies needed to manage your application implementation. We help you choose the right package with the help of our sophisticated evaluation and selection processes, and implement them seamlessly.

We follow a process driven approach starting from the very first stage of defining a company’s key business processes and mapping them to the requisite application.

The advantages you get are:

Legacy Systems Management;

Today financial organizations need to reengineer their legacy applications to newer platforms and technologies to retain their competitive edge. This is most true for organizations that constantly need to update themselves to keep ahead of their competitors. Migrating onto newer technologies not only gives enhanced functionality, reduced maintenance and system- running costs but also improved productivity.

Understanding business processes is a key to delivering successful legacy system management services. Replacing legacy systems can be disruptive and therefore requires careful planning and appropriate migration support from the manufacturer. Mitiget’s consultants are adept in migrating your existing legacy systems onto more advanced platforms that are easier to maintain.

Benefits of legacy systems management are:

  • It helps in minimizing the cost of writing a system from ground up by using functionality of the legacy application.
  • It helps in enhancing the business value of the new application by reiterating the critical data and business logic.
  • Since the new systems are based on original business logics, it ensures continuity of key business processes.
  • It helps in increasing system reliability and end user satisfaction.

Why Choose Mitiget?

Our risk assessment engagement gives your organisation a roadmap for a risk-based approach to decision-making. This helps establish operation and security standards and informs purchasing decisions, but more importantly – it helps your organisation set the framework for following numerous compliance and industry best practices.

Engagements are scaled as needed for business needs, or for an entire enterprise, and can be specific to an infrastructure, application, device or data type.

Our Approach and Methodology

Mitiget incorporates an interactive approach such as Workshops, Interviews, Questionnaires, Meetings, Observations, etc. to documenting and assessing an organisation’s exposure to fraud, waste and unauthorised activities. We utilise two different methodologies: Industry-Specific Risks and Enterprise-Wide Risks, which ensures that Mitiget will tailor the risk assessment to your organisation’s needs.

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