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Home Security and Automation Services

Worry about your home while you are away? Want to know who comes and goes and when? A good quality, well-designed Security System can afford you that knowledge and more. Keep your home and family safe while you are home or away with the simple touch of a button.

Get smart home security and sleep easier

Receive real-time alerts for all alarm activity – Be in the know. Our functional partner’s app will notify you of any alarm activity in your home in real time.

Arm & Disarm your system from anywhere – Whether you’re not sure your system is armed or you have family in town visiting, have control of your system from anywhere in the world.

Schedule your system to automatically arm – With schedules, never forget to set your alarm system. With schedule settings, you can know your home is always protected.

Customise non-alarm alerts – Even if you just want to keep an eye on things. You can receive a text message when non-alarm event is triggered.

All Mitiget solutions are customised to your individual needs!

We know that every family is unique, and not every house needs the same security equipment and solution. Our packages are flexible and our equipment options and solutions design are broad so that you can get the perfect and totally custom solution for your home.

Our solution provides exactly the same, 24×7 Secured environment for your loved ones using technologically advanced protective shield, which secures your family from dangers like fire hazards, gas leaks, and hostile intrusions. Some of the components of the solution are:

Effective Surveillance System

CCTV Monitoring from Hand held device such as smart phones/ TAB – CCTV camera integration with third party products with operation handling from hand held device such as smart phones/ TAB.

Identity and Access Control System

Access Control System – Access control systems perform authorisation identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys.

Fire Detective and Alarm Systems

Fire Detective & Alarm System can trigger an alarm in case of smoke occurrence. The device will also send a message on your registered number.

Gas Auto-Lock System

Gas Leak Detector module can alarm whenever gas leak occurs with a message on your registered number also auto shut valve system will cut off the gas supply to avoid any mishaps.

Door Lock Control System

Open the door/ Close the door with just a tap on your mobile phone. From wherever you are – office, car or movie theatre… No more hassles of giving keys to your house help/cleaner or worrying about your children losing it.

Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection will trigger an alarm in case of trespassing. If anybody trying to open the door or break the window will make the system alert and send alarm signals along with sending you a message on your registered mobile number.

Occupancy Sensor System

Occupancy Sensor System will help in saving the electricity by switching the lights on and off as per human presence.

Home Security Barriers

Our security gates, fences and barriers with sensors will help in wading off intruders and creating visibility to activities around and within the vicinity of your home.

Be Smart About Your Home Security System; A Smart Technology Will Support Intelligent Security.

Protecting your family is your first priority in life. We want you to know that we take the security of your loved ones and home seriously. A smart residential alarm system makes sure that there’s always a watchful eye being vigilant over the ones you care about most. Whether it’s protection from intrusions, fires, poison gas leaks, or medical emergencies, a Mitiget security solution will help you deal with whatever situation or need.

That means you can always be sure your children, your elderly parents, or even your pets and valuables are safe. And it doesn’t matter where you are in on Earth. Experience the benefits of wireless home security and the peace of mind that it brings. At Mitiget, we protect what matters to you.

Instant Notification During an Emergency

We ensure that you will always be notified when an emergency occurs. Allowing you and your help to respond immediately. Nothing will happen without you knowing first.

Round The Clock Monitoring

Our team of security professionals is available 24/7. A residential fire occurs every 85 seconds. A break in affects 1 in 5 homes. You can rest assured that the things that matter to you most in life will be safe and secure.

Comprehensive Protection

Our equipment and service packages are highly customisable, meaning you get exactly what you need to feel safe. Expanding your protection is as simple as a quick installation and updating of your application.

Protect Yourself From

Residential Fire

Break-in by Intruder

Medical Emergency

Why Choose Mitiget?

Our risk assessment engagement gives your organisation a roadmap for a risk-based approach to decision-making. This helps establish operation and security standards and informs purchasing decisions, but more importantly – it helps your organisation set the framework for following numerous compliance and industry best practices.

Engagements are scaled as needed for business needs, or for an entire enterprise, and can be specific to an infrastructure, application, device or data type.

Our Approach and Methodology

Mitiget incorporates an interactive approach such as Workshops, Interviews, Questionnaires, Meetings, Observations, etc. to documenting and assessing an organisation’s exposure to fraud, waste and unauthorised activities. We utilise two different methodologies: Industry-Specific Risks and Enterprise-Wide Risks, which ensures that Mitiget will tailor the risk assessment to your organisation’s needs.

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