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Create and implement an effective drive for your strategy, capabilities and performance by thinking out of the box with your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements.

In the fast-changing business environment, risk management, and information assurance play a critical role in the overall growth and sustenance of any organization. Due to the increasing dependence on digitally enhanced infrastructure, CIOs and CROs face the daunting challenge of striking the right balance between protection and progress as well as privacy and governance. Adding to the above dilemma, is a fragmented and, sometimes defocused, security posture resulting from a multi-regulatory mandate. Mitiget’s GRC consultancy service helps clients plan, assess, and improve holistic GRC capabilities in order to achieve business goals or principled performance.

The Features of Our GRC:

  • Unique risk assessment framework for regulatory and business specific compliance;
  • Templates and frameworks that provide visibility into historical governance risk and compliance data across all segments of the enterprise;
  • Templated, quantification approach to manage risks;
  • Integrated dashboards, metrics and KPI tracking;
  • Assurance of confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer’s sensitive data and critical corporate information.

The benefits you get from engaging us in your GRC project are:

  • Visibility of hidden risks, including data and asset loss risks;
  • Decision support for security and IT budget and spending;
  • Clear road-map to setup standard, process-driven, secure and compliant operations;
  • Alignment of information technology and security road-map with other key enterprise initiatives;
  • Prioritized delivery based on organization’s compliance mandates, risk appetite and budgetary constraints.

The following are our services:

  Governanve Risk Compliance
Process Policy, procedure & SOP definition, gap analysis, re-baselining Risk assessment framework setup ITSM, Metrics, KPI’s periodic audits, Exec reports
People ISMS Awareness, Rollout roles & responsibilities 3rd party security assessments, contractual compliance Access reviews Privileged user compliance
Data Data Governance, ownership, classification, labeling Data risk assessment, Cross-border protection Data protection regulations, All compliance
Infrastructure Security baseline (standards patches, security configuration) IT Risk assessment, Risk mitigation Security configuration & compliance, SLA’s service delivery
Application SLA’S, CIA assessments, service delivery Application risk management Access reviews, SDLC, ITSM

Focus Around Every GRC Project Milestone

Governance, Oversight and Leadership (at the board level)

Improve board effectiveness; set the right tone and make effective decisions; Assess and implement ethics programs, training, change management, anti-fraud programs and monitoring/reporting.

Enterprise Risk Management and Control System

Creating and protecting value from strategic risks; Design, implement and maintain a common risk infrastructure by leveraging people, process and technology transformation opportunities; Establish organization-wide consistency while simultaneously addressing different and unique functional needs; Identify, measure, manage, monitor, review and report on risks; Integrate activities to effectively manage risk and compliance-related activities.

Corporate Compliance & Regulatory

Compliance program design and control testing; Compliance monitoring, assessment, and effectiveness; Regulatory consulting.