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GDPR Implementation

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Achieve Your  EU GDPR Compliance and Certification in a Simpler, Timely and Affordable Manner.

Whether you’re looking to implement a full GDPR  compliance and certification or just looking to benchmark your  program against the regulation, Mitiget can help.

EU GDPR is the standard that specifies the requirements for a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR compliance states that organizations must adopt appropriate policies, procedures and processes to protect the personal data of EU citizens they hold. GDPR certification is a new feature that allows entities to receive certification from approved certification bodies to show compliance with GDPR.

Mitiget’s compliance services is more than hand-holding through certification process. Not only will we provide your company with the training and the tools you need to achieve the bench-mark and the certification, we will help you maintain that level of readiness on an ongoing basis and attain true data privacy and protection posture.


Here are our expertise and implementation strategy which is based on a phased approach:


We provide training for the implementation and audit of the system as well as overall awareness to your people. The training is provided by expert consultants with multi-disciplinary skill and capacity.


We follow a well documented approach for your certification process. We also adopt our professionally developed templates applicable for your context in all our dealings all through the process.

24/7 Support

We are available to support you 24/7, even post certification. Our GDPR professionals will be handy to assist in continually improving your compliance posture.

Guaranteed Certification

With Mitiget it is Certification Guaranteed. No Certification, No Fees !

Step 1: Engage us with your need.
Get a free GAP analysis of your company done and receive a quote.


Step 2: Accept quote and initiate the process.
Once the quote is accepted we will initiate the implementation process as per the guidelines.


Step 3: Get trained and implement the guidelines.
We will provide the required training courses and documentation support to fulfill the GDPR certification requirement.


Step 4: Get audited by certification body!
Take the final external audit in our presence and accomplish it successfully.


Step 5: Receive Certificate and Make Payment !
Receive the final hard copy of the certificate from the certification body!



Focus Around Every GRC Project Milestone

Governance, Oversight and Leadership (at the board level)

Improve board effectiveness; set the right tone and make effective decisions; Assess and implement ethics programs, training, change management, anti-fraud programs and monitoring/reporting.

Enterprise Risk Management and Control System

Creating and protecting value from strategic risks; Design, implement and maintain a common risk infrastructure by leveraging people, process and technology transformation opportunities; Establish organization-wide consistency while simultaneously addressing different and unique functional needs; Identify, measure, manage, monitor, review and report on risks; Integrate activities to effectively manage risk and compliance-related activities.

Corporate Compliance & Regulatory

Compliance program design and control testing; Compliance monitoring, assessment, and effectiveness; Regulatory consulting.

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