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Data Center Decommissioning Service

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Mitiget, in collaboration with Ceflix-Scepter, provides data center services using state-of-the-art facility on the Lagos Mainland, Nigeria. We provide secure and connected environments where customers connect, house and distribute mission-critical data, web content and media.

Mitiget Makes IT Asset Decommissioning Hassle Free – Engage Us Today For Your Project!

 Mitiget’s data center decommissioning services deliver a comprehensive solution at competitive rates to the challenge of tackling the process yourself. Our experienced team handles everything from planning to decommissioning to disposal for even the largest corporate data centers, keeping your information secure while adhering to best electronic recycling practices. Our services include:

  • Our certified team will decommission your assets safely and securely, allowing you to maximize your return on reusable assets.
  • All electronics are recycled in accordance with best practices and local regulations.
  • A project manager will be assigned to manage the complete decommissioning project.
  • Complete removal of racks, servers, switches, UPS, overhead racks, PDUs cabling and raised floors provided.
  • On-site inventory of assets.
  • On-site hard drive shredding.
  • Resale of reusable products.
  • Certified disposal and recycling of scrap materials.

Why Decommission a Data Center?

o    Replacing IT equipment that has run its lifecycle

o    Modernizing infrastructure to improve efficiency

o    Migrating to a new data center or colocation space

o    Consolidating data center spaces

Our Decommissioning Approach

1. Pre-bid site visit

• Defining the scope of work
• Developing a hardware inventory
• Identifying necessary machinery for the project

2. Proposal Drafting

• Identifying requirements/parameters of the project
• Drafting a proposal detailing all procedures

3. Obtain Approval

• Obtaining sign-off on the asset purchase agreement (if selling assets)
• Delivering decommissioning project contract

4. Scheduling and project coordination

• Conducting risk assessment
• Asset tagging devices to specify whether they are to be repurposed, replaced, or destroyed
• Creating and verifying all necessary backup systems are in place to guarantee continuous power supply

5. Project execution

• Disconnecting hardware from firewalls, sub-networks, and power supplies
• Removing all server rails, racks, shelves, and drawers
• Packing hardware in polyethylene foam for travel to Mitiget facility or other destination

6. Asset disposition

• Erasing data according to best practice
• Shredding hardware at end-of-life
• Issuing Certificates of Data Destruction and Certificates of Data Sanitization for wiped or destroyed devices

7. Final walk-through and sign-off

• Visually inspecting data center to verify completion of project
• Signing-off of decommissioning team
• Reinstalling data center at new location, if necessary

Our Data Center Culture and Policy Enable Resilience


Our focus is to continue to deliver our customers state-of-the art data center solutions in our region, ensuring the highest level of quality and services, while exceeding customers’ expectations.

We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.


As one of the largest and most important data center providers in the region, we are endeavoring to preserve the environment and increase the level of its protection, with the aim of supporting permanently sustainable development. Improvements on power efficiency.

Environment and its protection are one of our priorities.


All employees within their responsibilities and competences create conditions for a safe and healthy working environment and take measures to prevent accidents and risks in order to eliminate or reduce them.

We are committed to make our best in prevention of injuries and ill health and we are also committed to continually improve our safety management system and its performance.

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