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COVID-19 Relief Package For Families in Dire Need in Nigeria

On March 29, President Buhari announced a cessation of movement in the Federal Capital Territory and in Lagos and Ogun States to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  The lock-down went into effect at 11:00 pm on March 30 and remained in place till May 3, 2020.  During this time, businesses and offices remained closed and people were directed to stay at home.  The lock-down has some exemptions, including hospitals and healthcare facilities and some commercial establishments in the food, energy, petroleum, and security sectors.

Considering that many Nigerians rely on going out daily to make a living, the lock-down no doubt caused much inconvenience and hardship. The overall impact hit many families and homes adversely. That is why between April 1 and 28, 2020, Mitiget as part of its CSR provided relief packages – foodstuff and cash – to many families in dire need of help. Many of whom had difficulty feeding and coping during the period received support in cash and kind. This is one of our ways of giving back to the society and being part of Nation Building. As our founder, Mr. Sunny Ukeachu said when meeting with some of the beneficiaries during the period: “Keep faith with one another and our leaders. Appreciate the front-line health personnel. They need our prayers and support. We will surely come out of COVID-19 pandemic stronger as a people and a Nation.”

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