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C|CISO – Certified Chief Information Security Officer

Course Overview

The EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) training course is the first of its kind training and certification course aimed at producing top-level information security executives. The CISO addresses the emerging threats to information security by developing and maintaining a tough information security strategy. The C|CISO training courses prepares professionals to build successful information security programs.

The C|CISO training course equips information security leaders with the most effective toolset to defend organizations from cyber-attacks. To rise to the role of the CISO, strong technical knowledge, and experience is more imperative now than ever before but it must be accompanied by the ability to communicate in business value. The C|CISO training course will help you understand how your information security decisions impacts your organization’s operational cost, efficiency, and agility. As organizations introduce new technologies, the C|CISO training course enhances your ability to develop and communicate effective strategies to avoid the potential risks stemming from their implementation to the organization’s operations.

Achieving the C|CISO certification will distinguishes you from others in the competitive ranks of senior Information security professionals. The C|CISO certification also provides your employers with the assurance that you possess the proven knowledge and experience to plan and oversee Information Security for the entire organization.


Who Should Attend this Training Course?

  • Chief Information Security Officers

  • Anyone who aspires to attain the highest regarded title within the information security profession – CISO.

  • Anyone who performs CISO functions in their organization without the official title.

Benefits and Main Purpose of Course

  • The C|CISO training course concentrates on five domains that comprises all the elements that are essential to leading a successful information security program. It connects governance, controls, security risk management, audit management, information-security core notions, security program management and operations, strategic planning, finance, and vendor management skills.

  • The C|CISO training course emphasizes on the application of information security management principles from an executive management point of view rather focusing solely on technical knowledge.

  • C|CISO credentialed individuals will be able to develop a business succession plan for a company in any given industry or situation, use metrics to communicate risk for different audiences, and describes how to align security programs with the goals of the business.


Course Prerequisites

A minimum of 5 years of prior experience in at least three of the five domains. The five C|CISO Domains are:

  • Governance (Policy, Legal & Compliance)

  • IS Management Controls and Auditing Management (Projects, Technology & Operations).

  • Management – Projects and Operations

  • Information Security Core Competencies.

  • Strategic Planning & Finance


Course Outline

  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining information security governance program that includes leadership, organizational structures and processes.
  • Information security governance monitoring (considering cost/benefits analyses of controls and ROI)
  • Standards, procedures, directives, policies, regulations, and legal issues that affect the information security program.
  • Enterprise information security compliance program, controls and managing the compliance team.
  • Compliance auditing and certification programs.
  • Information Security Management Controls
  • Auditing Management
  • Managing Projects and Operations.
  • Access Control
  • Social Engineering, Phishing Attacks, Identity Theft
  • Physical Security
  • Risk Management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Firewall, IDS/IPS and Network Defence Systems
  • Wireless Security
  • Virus, Trojans and Malware Threats
  • Secure Coding Best Practices and Securing Web Applications
  • Hardening OS
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Computer Forensics and Incident Response
  • Strategic Planning – designing, developing and maintaining enterprise information security architecture (EISA)
  • Finance – analysing, forecasting and developing the operational budget of the IT department, acquiring and managing the necessary resources for implementation and management of information security plan and allocating financial resources to projects, processes and units within information security program.


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