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About Us

The New Way to Progress, Success, Advance!

Mitiget is a leading Enterprise Information Security company delivering comprehensive security, safety and compliance solutions. Our solutions are the most competitively priced to a myriad of industry verticals, empowering enterprises to achieve a business enabled defense-in-depth security posture, manage corporate risk, improve compliance, and attain proactive detection and prevention of security threats to their people, processes, computing infrastructure including data, and applications. Our signature approach combines extensive and in-depth case specific solutions. We believe in partnering with our clients, not just doing business with them. Our culture thrives on innovating new ways to solve their biggest challenges.

We deliver measurable values from where we take over – minimum of 25% improvement. Our focus is to instill risk based decision-making culture and a tangible information and cyber-security practices enterprise-wide. Our exceptionalism is powered by two key components:

  1. We offer value for money while continually developing uncommon specialist products and services.
  2. We pride ourselves with the skill, expertise and experience of our people.  We focus on exemplary leadership, mentorship, respect for one another and cherishing family values in building internal capacity for excellence. We shall continue to be competitive in our compensation regime, good working conditions, excellent training and great career opportunities to our people. We shall continually drive our people to improve their skills and qualifications so that we could become accredited to recognized industry standard relevant to the business.

 The company is registered in Nigeria and has multiple teams – technical, research and development – in Nigeria, South Africa, India, US and UK. Our high-performance business strategy is to use our expertise in servicing clients across Nigeria and Africa – even as the globe is our target.

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice in Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions in Africa and respected globally.


Our Mission

To provide superior assurance and technology solutions to our customers through innovations, professionalism and ethics.

Our Core Values



We think out of the box and create simple solutions for complex challenges.


We bring expertise that enables preventive and detective strategies in the protection of information asset.


Our perspective to solving problems is not siloed but enterprise-wide focusing on the objective, and stakeholders’ value.


We are flexible in meeting our client needs especially in scope, time and budget.


We bring our know-how, along with experience and efficiency to every task.


We deliver superior value with distinction, supremacy, all the time, ethically.

Why Mitiget?

At Mitiget, we take pride in understanding our client’s needs, and are keen on producing results that are considered outstanding from their perspective.

We always take a realistic approach from the start to finish and beyond of every project or task.

Our three-part approach as enumerated in our business approach section as below assists in delivering excellent value to our clients.

Our Overall Basic Approach

To make the process simple, we’ve got a proven process to quench our insatiable curiosity that will lead us to deliver simple solutions to complex problems such as: