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ISO 27001 –ISMS

Mitiget’s service on compliance to standards is more than handholding through certification process for your management system. Not only will we provide your company with the training and the tools you need to achieve certification, we will help you maintain that level readiness on an ongoing basis and attain true Organisational Resilience.

Digital information is the main driver for any business to accelerate and be able to effectively and efficiently exchange information to and from any location or person. The very same technologies (i.e. email, web, IM etc.) that allow this advance level of connectivity and collaboration between employees, customers and partners also generate an enormous security risk for the organisations that use them. A single “Insider” breach of sensitive data, whether inadvertent, intentional or downright malicious, can expose the company to far reach financial, public relations, legal and brand reputation costs. Mitiget has prepared a methodology to address the issues of data loss by analysis, implementation and monitoring data-in-motion, data-in-use and data-at-rest. All these are package in ISO 27001 benchmark program.

The ISO 27001 standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) is the most widely recognised security management standard in the world. It sets out detailed controls for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an ISMS within the context of an organisation.

Achieving ISO 27001 certification tells potential clients and customers that your firm is committed to internationally recognise best practices in Information Security, that security has been integrated into core business processes, and that your firm is ready to maintain that level of commitment moving forward as the risk-environment evolves.

Key to our success is the proven, proprietary intellectual property we have developed in this industry. Working with an organisation’s leadership, we customise these materials to fit each client’s unique processes and infrastructure, while building teams within the client organisation that are responsible for data collection and the implementation of the ISMS.

Each of our experts works closely with the client to ensure that all systems, policies and data meet the standards requirements and control objectives. We make sure clients are capable of maintaining their ISO 27001 processes and are ‘audit-ready’ for their annual surveillance audits needed to maintain its certification.

In addition to continual improvement of internal ability to respond to information-security audits and comply with guideline requirements, our clients’ certification program will help  with:

  • IT Governance – Alignment between policies, procedures, and processes.
  • Improved RFP Responses – Marketing can cite ISO 27001 in RFP responses to win new client business.
  • Compliance – The ISMS program will be benchmarked with ISO 27001 standard to meet regulatory compliance.
  • Decreased Cyber security breaches – The establishment of an effective ISMS culture will reduce the cyber-attacks.
  • Security Awareness –The prestige of ISO 27001 helps change staff attitudes, once they understand that certification can open up new business opportunities.


ISMS implementation and the certification program ensure security of information assets secure, by building and maintaining a supporting organisation and infrastructure against the risks of loss, damage or any other threat to your assets. Other benefits include:

Sizeable benefits of ISO/IEC 27001 certification to your organisation

  • Provides senior management with an efficient management process;
  • Provides you with a competitive advantage;
  • Reduces costs due to incident and threat minimization;
  • Demonstrated compliance with customer, regulatory and/or other requirements;
  • Sets out areas of responsibility across the organisation;
  • Communicates a positive message to staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders;
  • Integration between business operations and information security;
  • Alignment of information security with the organisation’s objectives;

Puts forward true value through enhancement of marketing opportunities.

Your customers benefits from ISO/IEC 27001 certification

  • Keeps intellectual property and valuable information secure
  • Provides customers and stakeholders with confidence in how you manage risk
  • Secures exchange of information
  • Ensures you are meeting your legal obligations
  • Manages and minimizes risk exposure

Cost savings for rework, damages and waste

Why Choose Mitiget?

Our assessment engagements give inculcate in organisations the culture of applying risk-based decision-making in the business. This helps establish efficient operation and functional security program. More importantly, they help set the framework for compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

These engagements are scaled as needed for business solutions specific to an infrastructure, application, device, data type or even the enterprise.

Our Approach and Methodology

Mitiget incorporates an interactive approach to documenting and assessing an organisation’s exposure to fraud, waste and unauthorised activities. Part of the tools in use are workshops, interviews, questionnaires, meetings, observations, etc. We utilise two different methodologies: industry-specific and enterprise-wide, which ensure that Mitiget tailors the assessments to specific organisation’s needs.

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